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5 Ways Moms Can Lend a Wedding-Planning Hand

A few easy ways mom can get involved in planning the big day ó†without getting too involved!


What to Expect of Your Top Attendants

Being the maid of honor or best man is a big task. Here's what what couples should know about the duties for their top people


Hair Color with Flair

Whether itís dyed, treated or naturally vibrant, hereís how to rock magnificent-looking locks down the aisle


Style Ideas for Brides with Curly Hair

Got twirly tresses? Hereís how to make them a star in your wedding-day beauty profile


5 Ways to Politely Say 'No' to Wedding Help

Do you have overzealous family and friends eager ó maybe too eager? ó to lend a hand on the wedding planning? Here's how to say thanks, but no thanks


This Must Be The Place

Your wedding venue is the key piece to your party. Here is how to know youíve found the right spot


Go Green with Engaging Emerald Rings

Got an emerald engagement ring? Here's how to make it shine on your wedding day


The Wedding Toss-Up

How to celebrate your stroll back down the aisle ó or other key wedding moments ó with extra flair


'Everyone had a Blast!'

Thatís what every couple wants to say about their wedding. Here are tips to make that oft-heard phrase a reality at your event

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